Corlette Street Multi Residential

Two townhouse designs are interspersed across the site which create an undulating skyline and colour palette sympathetic to surrounding dwellings.

The Corlette Street residential development is a ‘missing middle’ of residential building design. The project includes 10 Torrens title dwellings designed as a modern and complementary interpretation of terrace housing reminiscent of the conservation zone of the historic inner-city suburb of Cooks Hill.

Project Stats
Location: Cooks Hill, NSW
Size: 2700m2
Completion: 2017

The terrace typology and central courtyard, improves natural lighting and ventilation while providing separation and privacy from neighbouring development.

The Corlette Street residential development has been designed to sit comfortably as a modern suite of townhouses in one of Newcastle’ oldest suburbs. The design has two floor plan typologies; a two-storey design with rear-access parking; and a three-storey design with street-access parking; reducing drive-way impact and allowing more landscaping features along the street frontage. Taking material cues from the single-storey brick Federation and Victorian dwellings, the street elevation is softened by an alternating colour pallet of lightweight materials linked by a similar brick and front courtyard spaces. A combination of concrete slab and raised timber floor construction was used in response to the requirement for flood water movement within a flood storage area.